The Maryland Housing Outlook

September 10th, 2014

Two panels of experts discussed their views on various segments of the Maryland Housing marketplace. The following market sectors were represented: Senior Living, Rental, Land Development, and For-Sale.

Panel 1 engaged the leading Market Analysts who study the various sectors in Maryland and was moderated by Bob Aydukovic, President of MCCEI.

Panelist included:
Brenda Desjardins, Principal, New Home Marketing Services
Joe Cronyn, Principal, Valbridge Property Advisors/Lipman Frizzell & Mitchell LLC
Bob Lefenfeld, Principal, Real Property Research Group
Will Rich, Vice President, Delta Associates

Panel 2 engaged four of the leading development firms who have a deep knowledge and focus on projects in Maryland and was moderated by Steve Rubin, Director of Project Development at Harkins Builders.

Panelist included:
Josh Fidler, Co-Chairman/COO, Chesapeake Realty Partners
David Flanagan, President/Principal, Elm Street Development
Ed Gold, Division President, Beazer Homes
David Carliner, Executive Vice President/Partner, The Shelter Group

Finally, a bonus briefing from a member of the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission on the State's efforts on Infill/Redevelopment/Revitalization and how they may impact the residential Market and Products described above.

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